escape from empire

There is a great sickness within humanity.
We are all about to go on a journey.

I don’t know what I will miss about America, the land where I was born.

Technologically advanced countries will be the hardest hit when civilization collapses because people no longer know how to survive. They have forgotten how to live.

Outside the gates of Rome, into the periphery I go.

I chose South America because it was one of the last places to be colonized by Western Civilization. There is less affluence, less technology, less consumerism. The sickness is less embedded in the populations here.

I choose South America because subsistence living and community resilience has not been fully abandoned.

I will look for a place with clean water, a living landscape and a human community that has retained some of its humanity.

I will need to be cautious that I don’t bring the sickness with me.

Life will take its course as humanity advances toward collective suicide.

With any luck, I may survive and perhaps some other remnants of humanity may survive beyond this century.

It is a time for grand adventures and miracles.

We all need to find our own path at this time. To look to ourselves for leadership and to be bold. The journey is more internal than external.

I will cultivate the courage, proper mindset, and the skills to prepare for the bigger leap into the abyss of the Sixth Mass Extinction on planet Earth.

Perhaps I will see you on the other side.

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Imagine A Toxin

IMAGINE A TOXIN: That you can’t see or smell. That you probably can’t hear. You might taste something metallic in your mouth at times. [1] Some of you might be able to feel it but you may not know what the cause is. [2] It’s a toxin that is virtually everywhere in modern society. ThisContinue reading “Imagine A Toxin”

Provisioning the Journey

My original plan was to sail down the west coast of the United States from Washington to Guatemala, take some Spanish lessons, then continue on to South America. I had a boat and captain lined up for the journey but the plan fell through. I had already started setting aside provisions to feed a crewContinue reading “Provisioning the Journey”

Mexico & Guatemala

MEXICO The immigration process at the border was not very clear. When trying to board my bus the private security guard asked for my immigration papers. I did not have any. He said that immigration papers are needed to board but that he would let me through if I paid him some money. Another AmericanContinue reading “Mexico & Guatemala”

Avoiding Yellow Fever Vaccination – Why I decided to fly to South America

Upon researching my potential bus route I learned that taking the bus all the way to South America was not possible because of the “no man’s land” known as the Darian Gap. While there are ways through, I ultimately decided not to travel through Central America. Busing would take a long time. I would beContinue reading “Avoiding Yellow Fever Vaccination – Why I decided to fly to South America”

Generation Z(ombie): The Emerging Global Health Crisis

5G Crisis Summit I recently finished the 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability Summit. The new generation of wireless technology is poised to finish what prior generations of wireless technology started: massive global biological harm. I listened to all 47 talks of the summit. I uploaded a few of my favorites to Dropbox and am makingContinue reading “Generation Z(ombie): The Emerging Global Health Crisis”

Corona Virus? What’s that?… My time in the Andes Mountains During the 9 Month Argentine COVID Lockdown.

Not much had significantly changed for me when the COVID lock-down began. I was living in the mountains at a remote estancia (ranch) to get away from the insanity of modern civilization. My days were full of activities like riding horses, attempting to fish, reading, studying Spanish (Castellano in Argentina), making soft leather clothing, cookingContinue reading “Corona Virus? What’s that?… My time in the Andes Mountains During the 9 Month Argentine COVID Lockdown.”

Survival Preparedness – Part 1 – Building Your Team / Skill Assessment

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson “Survival is 90 psychology, and 10 percent methodology and gear.” Cody Lundin The global crisis has been approaching an apex in these recent years. Global civilization has become vast and complex, relying on complicated technology and dwindling resources to function. The inhabitants ofContinue reading “Survival Preparedness – Part 1 – Building Your Team / Skill Assessment”

Survival Preparedness – Part 2 – Assess Basic Needs

For most people life can be broken down into a few precious categories of physical needs: shelter (clothing, heating), lighting, energy, sleep, water, food, transit, defense, sanitation, first-aid, and communications. Ragnar Benson’s Survivalist Rule of Three: In prepper/survivalist circles, there is the “Rule of Threes.” The idea is that for all critical functions of survivalContinue reading “Survival Preparedness – Part 2 – Assess Basic Needs”

Survival Preparedness – Part 3 – Material Provision Priorities

Here’s my suggested list of priorities. After you assess your particular situation, adjust this as necessary. Priority 1: The most essential storage items to sustain life. Set up a basic food plan for 1-2 years with recipes Water for 2 weeks (14 gal/person) and purifier Garden seeds for at least one season Basic medical suppliesContinue reading “Survival Preparedness – Part 3 – Material Provision Priorities”

5G Crisis

5G is the next generation of wireless communications technology. The planned density of radio frequency transmitters for 5G is impossible to envisage. In addition to millions of new 5G base stations on Earth and about 100,000 satellites in space, one trillion transmitting objects, according to estimates, will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT)Continue reading “5G Crisis”

Covid-19: What you need to know about the experimental gene injections

This short 6 minute trailer will spell out what you need to know. This is the information that is being censored by Corporate Media and Big Pharma. “I know that a ‘vaccine’ against COVID-19 is bound to fail.”“If you go along these lines you are going to go to your doom.”“The permission to use thisContinue reading “Covid-19: What you need to know about the experimental gene injections”

COVID-19—Evidence of a Fake Pandemic

“Clearly, the dedication we’ve demonstrated for the last several decades for precision and sequence of causation [in classifying deaths] was being thrown out the window, and the question was Why?” Scott Jensen, MD (Interview) DEATH CERTIFICATE FRAUD This story starts with Minnesota state senator and family doctor Scott Jensen. On April 3rd, 2020, Dr. JensenContinue reading “COVID-19—Evidence of a Fake Pandemic”

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