What does sanctuary look like?

The following is part of an email that I have been sending out in my attempt to find my new home.

It has a description of what I am seeking…

My Email

I’m a farmer, researcher and ecologist from the United States. I left the USA because of what is happening there socially, politically, ecologically and because of the massive industry created health crisis that is surfacing. I am traveling to different organic farms and ranches as a means to explore the region.

I recently operated a 100% grass fed organic A2/A2 cow micro-dairy in Washington State on the Olympic Peninsula for the past four years. I made kefir, raw yogurt, and soft “farmers” cheese in addition to providing milk to my community.

I care deeply about health, the environment, and the future of life on Earth. My efforts in recent years have focused on food security, community resilience, nutrition, the harm from toxic chemicals, the dangers of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies and other electronics; along with other educational and collaborative action along those lines.


-Somewhere where the ecosystem is healthy, beautiful, clean, and with abundant wildlife.

-Somewhere with a temperate climate that is not super cold.

-Somewhere remote, away from cities, with no cell phone reception.

-Somewhere with a high land to human population ratio.

-Somewhere that is not a high risk area for earthquakes, volcanos or tsunamis.

-Somewhere where the people are kind and the community is tight knit.

-Somewhere with a high degree of food self sufficiency where natural farming practices and lifestyles are the norm.

-Somewhere where I can fish, hunt, and/or work with grazing animals.

-Somewhere where I can join an existing farm endeavor to help produce organic vegetables, nuts, forage wild plants, milk animals or otherwise contribute to group self sufficiency.

-Somewhere where I can study and learn Spanish. I am happy to trade English for Spanish classes or work out some other trade/compensation for language instruction.

-Somewhere where I can learn to ride a horse.


-Kitchen access, so I can prepare my own food. I prefer to eat a diet of mostly: berries, meat/animals/seafood, dairy, vegetables, mushrooms and nuts – depending on what is in season. I am strictly organic with my food. I like to source all of my food within my given bio-region if possible.

-Basic shelter and bathing needs. I have a tent and sleeping bag with a ground pad.

-A place free of WiFi and out of cell tower reception because of the harmful biological effects of this technology on brain function, the heart, the nervous system, DNA, reproductive system, etc.

A few links for more information since many people are unaware of the research on this topic:

Links in Spanish:

INTERNATIONAL APPEAL: Stop 5G on Earth and in Space (Spanish and English)

Plataforma Estatal Contra la Contaminación ElectroMagnética

Asociación Vallisoletana de Afectad@s por las Antenas de Telecomunicaciones – AVAATE

Universidad de Nacional de La Plata y la facultad de Ciencias Médicas de la Universidad de Nacional de Cuyo

Links in English:

Bioinitiative Report

Physicians for Safe Technology

Environmental Health Trust

The world is going to see many changes in the years to come and I would like to be on the periphery of Empire when civilization collapses.

I would like to help out on a local farm or ranch in exchange for a place to stay, organic food and information about the area.

If you would be willing to meet, please let me know.

Please let me know if your farm, the region where you live or some other place might be a good fit for what I am looking for.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF)


Savory Institute

Regeneration International

These are social networks focused on regenerative and organic farming. I use them as a way to find places to land in a given region. Then I ask the locals lots of questions while I explore the area.

One will find a ubiquitous prevalence of harmful technologies like Wi-Fi and Smart Phones on these farms. But it is a starting point. Ultimately we will need to create communities that do not allow such technologies.

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