Generation Z(ombie): The Emerging Global Health Crisis

In my prior post about electromagnetic radiation, I explained that those who choose to live among cell-phones, WiFi, cordless phones, digital radio frequency utility meters and other wireless “Smart” devices will become physically/mentally damaged to the point of becoming a proverbial Zombie. The science fiction Zombie films got one thing wrong. It was not a virus that would over-run humanity creating the roving rabble of Zombies. It is the cell phone (combined with various chemicals and excess sugar consumption) that would create the Zombies.

5G Crisis Summit

I recently finished the 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability Summit. The new generation of wireless technology is poised to finish what prior generations of wireless technology started: massive global biological harm.

I listened to all 47 talks of the summit. I uploaded a few of my favorites to Dropbox and am making them available at the links below.

Richard Lear – This is a great place to start. Richard is a researcher offering a new biological model for understanding chronic disease. It covers 36 diseases that have more than doubled in rate of incidence over the past 25 year period.

It covers: ADD/ADHD, Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune, Celiac, Depression, Erectile (ED), Kidney Disease, Obesity, Sleep Insufficiency, Hypertension, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Bipolar (child), CFS, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Melanoma, Irritable bowel, Panic Disorder, Squamous, Anxiety, Autism, Cataracts, COPD, LUPUS, Leukemia, Stroke, Apnea, Insomnia, Thyroid.

It is a great overview of the rise in germ-less chronic human-made disease and the 6 causative factors in the emerging health crisis.

Dr. Martin Pall – Two part interview. Martin Pall’s summary of the science and the predictions for the effects of electromagnetic radiation on our species (and other life) is a major wake up call. This is a must listen to interview.
Part 1
Part 2

Patrick Wood – Important discussion about the surveillance and Big Brother applications of 5G.

Olga Sheehan – Former public servant from the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO). She has an excellent video and a call to accountability for the WHO called: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: Setting the standard for a wireless world of harm. Her talk is very good.

Claire Edwards – Great talk with a former public servant from the United Nations. In her video: UN Staff Member Claire Edwards Speaks Out ! 5G Is War on Humanity, she warns the assembly of the dangers of wireless radiation. She is actively involved in the fight against the program to launch 5G from Space and has an archive of writings about the resistance to 5G.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Valuable clinical observations by long time practicing physician.

Terry Stotyn – Electrical engineer discussing the dangers of the digital utility meters on our homes.

Raymond Broomhall – Interesting legal strategy to oppose electromagnetic radiation. It has been said that the only thing that is likely to turn global exposure to electromagnetic radiation around is 300,000 lawsuits to bring the industry to heel. Raymond has the most effective method that I know of on the legal front.


For actions that you can take to reduce your radiation exposure, download:

Even though this Guide includes 7 different solution areas, there are over 30 individual tips & links… with many links to specific products recommended by the Building Biology Institute and Josh Del Sol. It is super handy, but also could be overwhelming to try to do it all.

So, I’d recommend you implement 1 or 2 of the tips each week. Do the easiest “low hanging fruit” first, then progressively implement more tips. Every step will reduce your EMF exposure. I’d encourage you to print it out and check off each task as you go.

I also recommend: How to Set Up a Low-EMF Internet Connection

Good Luck.


We’re going to have to make a radical break from the mob to survive.

This is my program for survival.

1) Get out of the city or any population center, now.

2) Get rid of wireless technologies. Get off of the power grid and prepare to abandon electricity and electronics all together. This includes solar and other alternative power sources. For the reasons why, read The Invisible Rainbow.

3) Live where there is no cell-phone reception.

4) Learn how to live for optimal health. A few starting points:
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Dr. Weston Price

Nora Gedgaudas – Nutritional anthropology.

Jack Kruse – Quantum Biology.

5) Produce your food in a way that improves the ecosystem. A few links:
Holistic Management

6) Build your community: Communities that Abide by Dimitri Orlav.

2 thoughts on “Generation Z(ombie): The Emerging Global Health Crisis

  1. Thanks for all the new information, and you did a great job making it concise and referenced. It is very hard for the average person to wrap their mind around the dangerous reality of wireless technologies, you know this I am sure. Most of us will not be able to move, and we have to start by giving up cell phones. Most people will tell you that cannot work without one. It is almost inconceivable and impossible in many professions. I really do not know what it will take to turn this tide Luke, but we need community now more than ever. Good luck with your travels.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the message. I’m glad that you found the information helpful. Unfortunately we have to become experts on EMFs to really grapple with this situation. It is a complex field to grasp with the fusion of physics, biology, technology, political corruption, psychology, etc.

      Many people would probably not make the decision that I have… moving across the world where I know no one. Where I don’t know the language. Where I have low prospects for income (not being fluent, not having social connections, not being as skilled as locals that are hardworking for low pay). When I have little financial savings. Despite all that it seems to be the better gamble to me.

      We all can move if we choose to. But for those of us that don’t move, there is much that can still be done. Though, I know that those who stay in the cities are ultimately pretty limited in their options and will suffer their fate.

      The degree of dependence on the technology is why I predict a disastrous outcome. When you realize how damaging the technology is and how long it will take to roll it back, it is hard to reach any other conclusion.

      I only hope some of us wake up and change in time. I don’t have much hope for most of those in the modern world.

      Best wishes


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