Farewell to the Northwest

When I moved to the Olympic Peninsula a few years ago it seemed like a good place to hole up and ride out the collapse of civilization. Plenty of water, lots of forest, near the ocean, nice folks (for the most part), a thriving maritime culture and a place that might be relatively stable withContinue reading “Farewell to the Northwest”

Imagine A Toxin

IMAGINE A TOXIN: That you can’t see or smell. That you probably can’t hear. You might taste something metallic in your mouth at times. [1] Some of you might be able to feel it but you may not know what the cause is. [2] It’s a toxin that is virtually everywhere in modern society. ThisContinue reading “Imagine A Toxin”

The Next Collapse of Mayan Civilization

In Jared Diamon’s book Collapse he identifies 5 factors that lead to the collapse of societies. In the pre-Columbian collapse of Mayan civilization in the eighth century, four out of five of these factors were present. The Mayan civilization is considered to be the most culturally “advanced” society in the pre-Columbian Americas. It was theContinue reading “The Next Collapse of Mayan Civilization”

Avoiding Yellow Fever Vaccination – Why I decided to fly to South America

Upon researching my potential bus route I learned that taking the bus all the way to South America was not possible because of the “no man’s land” known as the Darian Gap. While there are ways through, I ultimately decided not to travel through Central America. Busing would take a long time. I would beContinue reading “Avoiding Yellow Fever Vaccination – Why I decided to fly to South America”

Airplane Warning – Mandatory Spraying of Toxins

If they don’t get you with their vaccinations, they will get you with their electromagnetic radiation and biocides…… After some research I made the decision to explore the Andes mountains, the Southern Cone (Cono Sur) and areas west of the Andes for a place of sanctuary from the madness of the modern world. I chooseContinue reading “Airplane Warning – Mandatory Spraying of Toxins”

Generation Z(ombie): The Emerging Global Health Crisis

5G Crisis Summit I recently finished the 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability Summit. The new generation of wireless technology is poised to finish what prior generations of wireless technology started: massive global biological harm. I listened to all 47 talks of the summit. I uploaded a few of my favorites to Dropbox and am makingContinue reading “Generation Z(ombie): The Emerging Global Health Crisis”

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