Imagine A Toxin

This was a talk that I gave during my final weeks in the USA

About 80 people attended this talk in June 2019 at the Port Townsend Community Center, Washington


That you can’t see or smell. That you probably can’t hear. You might taste something metallic in your mouth at times. [1] Some of you might be able to feel it but you may not know what the cause is. [2]

It’s a toxin that is virtually everywhere in modern society.

This toxin was present at your birth and is exponentially increasing with each generation.

It is a toxin that is addictive much like hard drugs are addictive. [3]

It may cause a loss of empathy, meaning that it is possibly creating a society of sociopaths. [4]

There are widespread neuropsychiatric effects from this toxin. The effects that are the best documented include: sleep disturbance/insomnia, headache, depression/depressive symptoms, fatigue/tiredness, dysesthesia (an abnormal sense or touch or pain cause by lesions of the nervous system: “burning, wetness, itching, electric shock, and pins and needles”), concentration/attention dysfunction, memory changes, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite/body weight, restlessness/anxiety, nausea, skin burning/tingling/dermographism (a subset of hives: an allergic-like reaction, causing a warm red wheal to appear on the skin) and EEG changes in the brain. [5] How many people do you know that complain of these symptoms? Any long-time clinician or psychologist will tell you that these phenomena are becoming epidemic.

Our cognitive ability, our ability to have proper brain function is being attacked by this toxin. It is rendering us increasingly incapable of addressing the cascading series of crises that the planet is facing.

It causes sterility. The mechanisms are diverse, from tissue remodeling of the testes and ovaries, lowered sex hormones, cell death, lower sperm count and quality, lowered libido and an increase in spontaneous abortion. [6] We already have sperm count drops to below 50% of normal in every technologically advanced country on earth according to a 2017 meta-analysis. [7]

Reproductive rates have fallen below replacement levels in every technologically advanced country in the world, with a single exception (Israel). These include every EU country, the U.S., Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Reproduction averages, in these countries, is about 73% of replacement levels according to 2015, 2016, and 2017 data. [6, 8] As fertility precipitously decreases, the artificial fertilization industry is growing rapidly. [9]

A study on mouse reproduction showed that exposure at doses well within our current safety guidelines produced substantial dose-dependent decreases in reproduction within the first set of litters; further exposure produced dose-dependent complete or almost complete sterility that was found to be largely irreversible. [6, 10]

Based on the data of 18 scientific reviews regarding the reproductive effects of this toxin we will see a crash in human reproduction to almost zero in about 5 years. [6]

It might be the most potent carcinogen that we are in common contact with. A Swedish review from 2013 observed that, “No other environmental carcinogen has produced evidence of an increased risk in just one decade.” [11] For comparison, it typically takes about 30 years to develop lung cancer from smoking. Therefore this toxin is 3 times as carcinogenic as smoking. [12]

This toxin causes permanent DNA damage (19 reviews). It has been estimated that if mutation rates increase 2.5 to 3 times the normal level, we will go extinct. Much of humanity may already be living in environments where they are experiencing this level of genetic mutation. [6] What this means is that all of our evolutionary wisdom, everything that our ancestors survived through to bring our lives into existence, billions of years of our heritage and genetic wisdom is being deleted permanently from our gene pool. This is a desecration of life, of our bodies, of our heritage and our future.

There is well-established evidence correlating this toxin to biological impacts including: oxidative stress, which has roles in almost all chronic diseases (17 reviews); cardiac effects; widespread endocrine (hormone) disruption (11 reviews); onset of very early Alzheimer’s and dementia. In addition, significant evidence suggests that exposure in utero and shortly after birth can cause ADHD and autism.[6]

This toxin causes colony collapse, the disappearance of insects and birds, and it is a driving force for the extinction of many species. [2, 13]

Very few people have heard of this toxin and fewer still understand the full ramifications of what it is doing to us and other life.

All of the characteristics of this toxin, combined with latency periods and denial among our global society, combine to create what will become the greatest health crisis that our species has ever faced.

This toxin is called electromagnetic radiation. It is emitted from cell towers, cell phones, WI-FI routers, cordless phones, wireless utility meters, baby monitors, various wireless ‘Smart’ devices, and the electric grid. The adoption of wireless technology has mushroomed in recent years leading to widespread exposure. Most of us have assumed that such technologies are safe. We now know that this assumption is wrong. [14] With the telecom industry plans to roll out 5G on land and in space we face the possibility of total annihilation. [15]

All of life has an electrical component. We are bioelectrical beings. Our thinking and bodily functions are orchestrated through complex and sensitive bioelectrical signaling. With electrification and the proliferation of electronics, our bodies are failing as our biology begins to collapse under the ‘smog’ of artificial signals. We have created an inhospitable environment in a world that is increasingly out of balance with nature. We have lost connection with our inheritance and our role on this planet and we are reaping the consequences of our desecration of life. [2]

We will need to make an immediate and widespread break from these technologies if our species and many others are going to survive.


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Highly recommended book.

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