Imagine A Toxin

IMAGINE A TOXIN: That you can’t see or smell. That you probably can’t hear. You might taste something metallic in your mouth at times. [1] Some of you might be able to feel it but you may not know what the cause is. [2] It’s a toxin that is virtually everywhere in modern society. ThisContinue reading “Imagine A Toxin”

What does sanctuary look like?

My Email I’m a farmer, researcher and ecologist from the United States. I left the USA because of what is happening there socially, politically, ecologically and because of the massive industry created health crisis that is surfacing. I am traveling to different organic farms and ranches as a means to explore the region. I recentlyContinue reading “What does sanctuary look like?”

Generation Z(ombie): The Emerging Global Health Crisis

5G Crisis Summit I recently finished the 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability Summit. The new generation of wireless technology is poised to finish what prior generations of wireless technology started: massive global biological harm. I listened to all 47 talks of the summit. I uploaded a few of my favorites to Dropbox and am makingContinue reading “Generation Z(ombie): The Emerging Global Health Crisis”

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